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Your unique history and love story can hold you back or propel you forward. They are the basis on which you create your relationships (and self-fulfilling prophecies).

Take the first step to creating deeper connection with your partner than you ever thought possible.

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Does This Sound Familiar to You?

If find it difficult to speak to my partner about certain topics because our perspectives differs and in turn I'm told I want things my way.

I find it challenging to deal with my partner not braving the difficult conversations.

I am afraid of completely opening up for fear of being abandoned.

My partner picks on me and over-analyzes everything I say.

My partner backs away whenever we get close.

I’m tired of always having to fight for my truth because my partner doesn’t understand me.

Instead, Do You Want To...

  • understand each other's differences?
  • love each other better?
  • improve your communication and deepen your connection?
  • understand each other authentically?
  • grow stronger love through emotional gridlock and conflict?
  • repair your relationship after deep hurt?
  • be a welcoming, delightful partner while also being most loving to yourself?
  • appreciate each other?
  • find a way to move your relationship forward so you can both thrive and live into your best and fullest selves?

Here Are Your Next Steps


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Take the first steps to learn about your very own, unique love story and how it influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Become aware of the lens through which you see the yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Get to know yourself and each other in a wholly new way, creating the basis for a deeper understanding and connection. Get your free workbook now!


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We have a revolutionary new course in the works that helps you create awareness of your own love story and that of your partner. On that basis, you'll learn to

  • create a deeper connection
  • grow with your partner and love each other better
  • communicate openly without hurting or being hurt
  • leverage conflict into collaboration
  • become your best self as a partner and
  • understand and appreciate each other like never before.

You'll do this by using actionable steps, creating simple habits, and capitalizing on psychological and neuroscience hacks - because change happens best in small steps and through everyday actions. Get on the wait list now.

Dr. Karin helped me leave my “comfort zone” and try out something new in my life, which offered new and enriching perspectives for me. Without her I would not have had the courage to take such a sincere look at my personal situation and to discover what I really needed.

K. B.

Dr. Karin's compassion to help and empower others is unique. She has the ability to look at a big picture situation and break it down so that it becomes manageable and easy to navigate. Her calm demeanor and professional approach are to be commended. Dr. Karin is a light for others to learn from.

B. S.

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Our mission is to provide you with the best research-backed tools and methods in the field so you can create and maintain successful relationships that bring out the best in you individually and as a couple.

Because relationships don't have to be so complicated.

Bob Sternberg
Karin Sternberg

Dr. Robert J. Sternberg is the co-founder of the Sternberg Center for Successful Relationships. He is a professor of psychology at Cornell University and honorary professor of psychology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Bob is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Education. Read more.

Dr. Karin Sternberg is the co-founder and director of the Sternberg Center for Successful Relationships. She is a lecturer at the department of psychology at Cornell University. Her work focuses on helping people create happy lives and successful relationships by applying the principles and research of psychology. Read more.

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