I’m completely invested in the quality of my programs, and my mission is to use the power and insights of psychological research to help you create your best life.

If you do not feel that Should I Stay or Should I Go has provided you with more clarity to make a decision and move forward with confidence, please reach out to me within 14 days of receipt of your toolbox and I’ll refund your investment.

The only request I have is that you be honest with me about what did not work for you, what I could have done differently, or what information I should have provided you with to serve you better in your search of a way forward. My goal with Should I Stay or Should I Go is to make a hard situation more bearable and more easily navigable by providing guidance and information, and your opinion is crucial to helping me improve my offerings.

Your honest opinion does not have any influence on my 14-Day Money Back Guarantee – you’ll get your money back, promised!

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