Dr. Robert (Bob) J. Sternberg is eminent for his triangular theory of love and his theory of love as a story. Combined, they form what he calls a "duplex theory" of love. Bob's PhD is from Stanford and his BA from Yale. He also holds 13 honorary doctorates. Bob currently is a Professor of Human Development at Cornell. He has been IBM Professor of Psychology and Education at Yale and also is past-president of the American Psychological Association and the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. He additionally has held various posts in academic administration. Bob is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Education and has won several of the top awards in the field of psychology, such as the Grawemeyer Award and the James and Cattell Awards of the Association for Psychological Science. Bob's books include The Triangle of Love (Basic Books), Love the Way You Want It (Bantam), Cupid's Arrow (Cambridge), Love is a Story (Oxford), The Psychology of Love (Yale), and The New Psychology of Love (Yale and Cambridge). With roughly 160,000 citations in the scholarly literature, Bob is one of the most highly cited scholars in the entire field of psychology. Bob is extremely (!) happily married to Karin Sternberg and has five children.

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