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Challenge #14: Get started with mindfulness

This week, we wrote about introducing some mindfulness techniques to your relationship.

We’ll just start out with being mindful in everyday life.

How about a week of mindful eating?

Here are some guidelines:

  • When you eat, concentrate on eating
  • Pay attention to the texture, temperature, and taste of what you’re eating
  • What are the colors of your food?
  • Are you hungry as you start eating? Or are you eating just because an attractive food happened to cross your way?
  • Do you notice cues that you’re getting fuller?
  • How does eating this food influence the way you’re feeling? What kind of impact will it have on your body?
  • What connections does your food have to the sun, water, fields, and other people?

If you practice mindful eating, another good effect is that you’re less likely to eat too fast or that signs you’re full will remain unnoticed. Slowing down might actually help you to eat healthier or even to lose some weight.

You can also choose to practice mindfulness in other areas of your everyday life. Pay close attention to what your partner or kids are saying, or try to be very present when you’re taking a shower. (I know I am NOT mindful when I am taking showers because half the time I can’t remember if I have already washed my hair or not!)

Give mindfulness a try for a few days to get into the habit of being mindful.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you how to

  • integrate mindfulness into your daily life;
  • use mindfulness techniques when you have a conflict with your partner;
  • better keep your negative feelings in check when they arise;
  • mindfully listen to and communicate with your loved ones;
  • and much more!

So stay tuned!

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