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Challenge #4: How do you think about your partner?

The way we think about each other strongly affects the way we interact with each other. In the beginning of a relationship, we purposefully search for things we like in our partner and make sure to tell him or her what we like about them. We usually are generous with compliments.

Once a relationship gets going and everyday life sets in, we tend to lose that focus and instead, focus on things that need to get done or that we do not like so much about our partner. We may criticize our partner more often than tell them what we like and value about them.

This week, think about what you liked about your partner when you got together.

  • Is he or she still that way? If so, tell your partner how much you like a certain trait in them.
  • If not, what is it that you value in your partner now?

Make sure to tell them every day this week what you like about them. Go easy on the criticism this week!

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