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Challenge #8: Reconnect through Music

This week, I wrote an article about how music can connect us with the memories of locations, people, or emotions we once felt. Think about a piece of music that has some positive personal meaning to you and travel with that music to wherever it might bring you - the early days when you dated your partner, a summer in your youth, a memorable trip.

Music can have quite a powerful effect on us so when I suggest you choose a piece of music with a positive meaning, I really do mean it. Do yourself the favor and do not go back to the day your fiancé broke off your relationship five days before the wedding or the camping trip where it poured the whole time, you got your car stolen and ended up with food poisoning.

Whatever music you choose, just relish the moment and enjoy the memories and associations the music brings with it. I for my part have already completed my trip down memory lane and danced to MacArthur Park with my husband — something we used to do long before we had kids and which we did today with a little boy squeezed in between us.

As always we’re very happy if you share your experiences with us, by email or in the comments below.

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