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Challenge of the Week #1: Make yourself happy when you’re not! (Or help your partner get out of a funk!)

Daily life in your relationship is a lot smoother when you don’t have to deal with a grouch. It’s also easier when you are not a grouch yourself!

This week’s challenge is to make yourself happy or help your loved one be happy again, particularly when things aren’t going the way you wish they would. 

First of all, you deserve to feel good and be happy! And second, when you’re happy, your loved ones are much more likely to feel happy themselves than when they’re around a grouch! 

This is a win-win situation for everyone, so don’t wait 🙂 You can do this alone, or you can do this together with your loved one.

Here’s what to do when you feel down the next time:

Take a walk or go to a place where you can see other people. As you pass them, make a point of wishing happiness for each and every one you come across. That is, look at each person you come across and think to yourself “I wish for this person to be happy”. No need to say anything to them aloud, just wish them happiness silently. Do this for a few minutes.

Sounds simple, but not everything in life has to be complicated. As time passes, you should feel happier and less anxious. It really works!

Good luck, and please share with us how it went!

If you’re interested to read more about this challenge, see our blog post here.



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