How to Forgive

Instant Access Toolkit

The step-by-step approach to forgiving so you can free yourself from the chains of the past and live your life to the fullest.

Includes a workbook with tools and techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy as well as an instructional video.

Begin your journey toward healing and happiness today!

Here's What You Get With Your Investment

Proven step-by-step workbook

Download the 35-page workbook that provides you with a step-by-step approach to forgiving, based on research and evidence-based practices. Designed to forgive a partner (past or present), but can be easily adapted to be used in any situation.

Instructional Video

Let Dr. Karin extent a personal welcome to you, learn more about forgiveness, get introduced to the steps outlined in the workbook, and receive uplifting  words of encouragement.


Struggling with your emotions? Learn new methods to help calm yourself when you’re stressed, upset, angry, or anxious. 

Get the Expert Help You Need to Forgive and Let Go

Stop pondering “why” and instead reclaim your happiness


"I realized that to live fully, forgiveness is an everyday thing. Forgiveness is just as important as gratitude."


"Once you have truly forgiven, the impact of what happened to you will lessen and you’ll be able to let go. But often, we just say we’ve forgiven but we still ponder “why” something has happened. It’s hard to truly forgive and let go. The workbook helped me to focus on what I can do to feel better instead of focusing on the hurt. It helped me to stay on course. There’s an ease to letting go of the past."


"I particularly loved the music exercise. I do it on almost a daily basis. It helps me deal with emotions. And if we’re not in touch with our emotions, how can we forgive others?"

Get Your Forgiveness Toolkit Now for Everything You Need!

Your life is too precious to waste another day on feelings of resentment, anger, fear, and betrayal.

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