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You've been wronged by someone and you're here because you are seeking to forgive them. This is a courageous step that will positively influence your life for years to come.

Granting forgiveness is not an easy process that can be accomplished in a day or two, particularly when actions are involved that have had a deep impact on your life.

Your workbook will walk you through all three steps that are involved in granting forgiveness. Please be patient with yourself. If and when you experience powerful emotions, stay with them and know that they will subside. Your workbook has a bonus section at the end where you can find several techniques that will help you when you're upset or dealing with stress, anxiety, or anger.

So, how do you proceed from here?

  1. Download your workbook here.
  2. Watch the introductory video below when you've got a few minutes to spare and know you won't get interrupted.
  3. Work through your workbook at your own pace. There are no right or wrong answers, and there's no right pace. Listen to yourself; you'll know when to take a break.
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