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How to use this website

Yes, we get it. Relationships can be notoriously hard to navigate. We are working hard to provide you with information, advice, and ideas that will put you in a position to build, enhance or maintain the relationship you wish for. But keep in mind that we are researchers, not therapists. So please, use this website at your own discretion.


Here are some tips on how to use, and not use, this website:

  • DO use this website to provide you guidance in your relationships.
  • DO use this website to understand yourself and your wants and needs better.
  • DO take the quizzes, should you wish, to understand yourself better.
  • DO read the weekly “love letters” we will send to you if you register your email address.
  • DO send us feedback on the website, if you have constructive suggestions you would like to share.


  • DO NOT use this website as a sole or even primary basis for making decisions about relationships.
  • DO NOT use this website to show your partner how he or she should be.
  • DO NOT conclude from this website that love is all that matters in close relationships.  Many other issues matter as well, such as compatibility of religious outlooks or of views toward money.
  • DO NOT use this website in place of individual, marital, or group counseling by a licensed counselor or therapist.  We are not licensed counselors or therapists and the purpose of this website is not to provide psychotherapy or psychological counseling.
  • DO NOT use this website to come to the conclusion that now you finally "understand" what there is to know about love.  No one knows all there is to know about love.

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