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Challenge #13: Identify Your Biggest Relationship Challenge

This week, we're doing something special. You're here because you are interested in relationships and, quite possibly, because you're looking for ways to improve your relationship or make it even more amazing.

And there's no doubt about that - you DESERVE an amazing relationship!

But - when you're trying to work on your relationship, there's one thing that's more important than any other.

Yes, you need a goal!

Something to work towards so you can look forward to the results of the thought and work you put in.

Something that helps you determine if your efforts are actually succeeding.

Now, a goal is something that can be awfully hard to establish. What exactly is the goal of your relationship anyway?

But if we approach this issue from the other end, things suddenly become much clearer.

Think about it this way: What is currently your biggest relationship challenge?

Having a challenge doesn't necessarily mean that you're in an unhappy relationship. Quite the contrary.

The only way you can make your relationship even better and more fulfilling is when you are aware of your challenges and work towards them.

Not being aware of any challenges equals a standstill. And that is the last thing you want, right?

So today, think about what is your biggest relationship challenge and how you can tackle it:

  • You might feel that you are not sharing as much intimacy with your partner as you used to, and that you're not talking to each other as much anymore as in the beginning of your relationship.
  • You might experience stress because one of you has lost their job or because money is tight right now.
  • You might be adjusting to new roles as both spouses and parents as you welcome a new baby to your family.
  • You might feel like your passion for your partner has waned over the years.
  • You might feel that you're not spending enough time with each other.


Take that first step toward a better relationship and identify this week what it is that both of you need.


And when you've taken this step, share your challenge (anonymously!) with us!

We want to know YOUR big relationship challenge so we can HELP you make your relationship even better.

Knowing about YOUR CHALLENGE will help us write articles and create resources to help you make your goals a reality.


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2 thoughts on “Challenge #13: Identify Your Biggest Relationship Challenge”

  1. I chatting with a girl for 2 years .
    she open her mind to talked a lot of personal thing to her like her parents
    or when she got a problem and stressful she typing a lot lot till i almost cry with her
    the problem is We Never Met face to face before
    not even phone call
    cannot describe it is call love or just a friend zone
    what should i do stay in this relationship or try to meet with her ?

    1. We’re publishing a blog article that is related to your question this week, so look out for it. I hope it will be helpful!

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