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Maybe you’re here because you're curious about digging a little deeper into who you are, or perhaps you're on the lookout for that perfect match, or maybe you just want to sprinkle some extra happiness into your current relationship.

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A truly thriving relationship is like this beautiful dance where both partners effortlessly meet each other's needs and share a common vision for what really matters. Picture it: you're both flipping through the same chapter on how to relate to each other, how to handle disagreements, your dreams for the future, and the essence of your relationship. These shared views are the building blocks of your very own love story, a unique blend of ideas, beliefs, and expectations about what love should look like.However, we’re generally not aware of our love story and our emotional needs, which can lead to our choosing partners that are not truly compatible with us, or to friction in our relationships.

But here’s the thing: We’re generally not aware of our love story and our emotional needs. This lack of insight can lead us down the wrong path, choosing partners who aren't really a great fit, or sparking friction in our relationships.

That's where this workbook comes in. It’s an introduction to the work and relationship research Dr. Bob Sternberg and I have conducted.

The workbook consists of four parts. 

  • You will explore your history and love story as well as your emotional needs. 
  • You will explore the way you react to relationship challenges and how you can handle them in more productive ways. 
  • Additionally, some questions are designed to encourage reflection and foster self-love to inspire confidence and self-esteem.

It is my hope that after you have completed the workbook, 

  • you will feel more secure in the knowledge that you are worthy of being loved, 
  • you will be more conscious of how you react in challenging situations and how you can best navigate conflict, and
  • you will be more conscious of your needs and your love story as a basis for a thriving relationship.

My deepest wish? That by the time you finish this workbook, you'll stand a little taller, knowing deep down that you deserve all the love in the world. You'll be more tuned in to how you respond when the going gets tough and armed with ideas to navigate those stormy seas. And most importantly, you'll hold a newfound awareness of your needs and your unique love story, laying the groundwork for a relationship that truly flourishes.

So, how do you proceed from here?

  1. Download your workbook here.
  2. Work through your workbook at your own pace. There are no right or wrong answers, and there's no right pace. The most important thing: Enjoy yourself and have fun!
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In any case, I wish you all the best. Stay in touch!

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Your Love Story Shapes Your Relationships

You're just not aware of it.

If you  are searching for a partner or are experiencing in your relationship

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your Love Story may hold the key to your future happiness.

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