The Two Premises of LoveStory Coaching

1. Positive and lasting change involves your own unique love story

Your love story is a set of ideas, beliefs, and preconceptions about what a relationship should be like. But – you’re not consciously aware of your love story. Your love story develops over your lifetime — you observe the relationship of your parents and those of relatives and neighbors, you create your own relationships, and you see and learn about relationships in books, on the Internet, or on TV and in the movies. So, in time, you create this idea of what love should look like — your very own love stories -- that you then try to make come true.

Your love story influence everything: your partner choice, your behavior, your expectations, how you interpret your partner’s behavior, and your dreams and hopes.

Love stories can have adaptive and dysfunctional elements. If you repeatedly run into the same relationship issues, your love story is likely playing a role in the issues you’re experiencing.

Likewise, your love story interacts with that of your partner. Thriving relationships are those in which partners have similar or complementary love stories.

For lasting positive change, rather than the treatment of superficial symptoms, it is essential that you integrate your own story -- and thus who you as a person are -- into your efforts.

2. Use of research- and evidence-based technique

magnifying glassYour relationship is of the utmost importance to you, and it’s too important to act on well-meant opinions and advice. LoveStory Coaching is based on the Robert J. Sternberg’s scientific work, which has been validated all over the world with more than 60,000 people. In order to help you make fast and efficient progress, we use mostly techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The LoveStory Coaching Process

  1. A comprehensive assessment of your unique love story as well as your strengths and the challenges your experience is the basis of our work together.
  2.  A personal LoveStory Roadmap will guide your way forward to the relationship you desire.
  3. To reach your goal, we will outline small, manageable, and actionable steps that empower you along the way.
  4. At any step, you'll have powerful psychological assessments and methods at your disposal to help manage emotions, make sounds decisions, and tackle challenges.
  5. Relationships are complex: We dynamically adjust your steps to your needs and life situation to ensure you meet your goals.

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