Dr. Karin Sternberg, Co-Founder and Director

Dr. Karin Sternberg, Co-Founder and Director

As the co-founder and director of the Sternberg Center for Successful Relationships, my mission is to help you create the happy, fulfilling life and relationship you deserve. With over two decades of research and coaching experience, together with my husband Dr. Robert Sternberg I've developed an innovative, evidence-based approach to diagnosing and creating successful relationships.

The key lies in uncovering your unique "Love Story" - the core assumptions and preconceptions you've developed about love and relationships over you lifetime. These deeply ingrained beliefs shape every aspect of your connections, from who you choose as a partner to how you interact.

Compatibility isn't about meeting societal expectations or matching some demographic variables. True compatibility means finding a partner whose Love Story aligns with your own - someone who understands, respects and celebrates your unique history, needs and dreams. And the great news is, this approach works across cultures and age groups.

As a lecturer at Cornell University's Department of Psychology, I've had the privilege of sharing this transformative framework through authored and edited books, academic journal articles, and frequent podcast interviews and talks.

My background includes an undergraduate degree and PhD in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg in Germany, as well as a research associate role at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and School of Public Health. I've also held a grant from the NIH for developing a cognitive training program for seniors.

Now, I'm passionate about providing you with the science-backed tools and guidance to rewrite your Love Story and cultivate the lasting, fulfilling relationship you envision. No matter your past experiences, you have the power to find the love and happiness you deserve.

Your journey to relationship success starts here. Let's get started.

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