Finally Overcome Negative Relationship Patterns - Forever

Your unique history and love story can hold you back or propel you forward. They are the basis on which you create your relationships.

Take the first step to breaking your patterns and creating a thriving relationship today.

Your Love Story Shapes Your Relationships

You're just not aware of it.

If you  are searching for a partner or are experiencing in your relationship

a lack of understanding and trust, 

conflict and resentment, or 

unmet needs, 

your Love Story may hold the key to your future happiness.

Do You Know This Feeling?

You feel stuck in a pattern of attracting the wrong partners.

You experience the same problems in your relationships over and over again.

You feel that your life history sets you up for relationship problems.

You feel a sense of loneliness and isolation even though you're in a relationship.

You long for trust and intimacy, yet struggle to establish a strong emotional connection with your partner.

You find yourself losing hope and questioning whether a loving, thriving relationship is in your future.

Dr. Karin Sternberg

Hi, I'm Dr. Karin Sternberg.

I help professionals create happy, fulfilling, and supportive relationships that bring out the best in you individually and as a couple. My mission is to empower you with research-backed assessments and evidence-based practices and tools. Because no matter your history or experiences, you CAN create the relationship of a lifetime -- that I know for sure!

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Personalized Coaching Based on Your Unique Love Story

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Research- and Evidence-Based

Informed by the latest rigorous research and evidence-based practices to empower you with the most effective tools and strategies


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Personalized Solutions

Based on your unique history and love story dynamics, addressing the root of your issues, not only the symptoms



Liberate yourself from the constraints of your unique love story by reshaping dysfunctional elements that are holding you back, paving the way for a brighter future

Schedule Your Free Discovery Call Today!

Find a Program - Create a Happy Relationship Now

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Enduring relationship problems and toxic patterns drain your spirit and erode your self-worth.

Turn your relationship around now -- you're worthy of a thriving relationship!

Dr. Karin helped me leave my “comfort zone” and try out something new in my life, which offered new and enriching perspectives for me. Without her I would not have had the courage to take such a sincere look at my personal situation and to discover what I really needed.

K. B.

Dr. Karin's compassion to help and empower others is unique. She has the ability to look at a big picture situation and break it down so that it becomes manageable and easy to navigate. Her calm demeanor and professional approach are to be commended. Dr. Karin is a light for others to learn from.

B. S.

How LoveStory Coaching Works

For Individuals and For Couples

1. Schedule your LoveStory Discovery Call

Get a free half-hour consultation to discuss your relationship concerns and goals. Find out if LoveStory Coaching is a good fit for you and your situation.

2. Personalized LoveStory Roadmap

Engage in a comprehensive assessment of your unique Love Story to understand your relationship dynamics and challenges as well as strengths. Receive a personal plan outlining goals and action steps, along with research- and evidence-based strategies and techniques.

3. Transform Your Life

Take action to overcome your recurring issues and unhealthy patterns. Every coaching session will provide you with doable action steps that are dynamically adjusted to your needs and life situation.

Transform your unique love story into one that leads you to a thriving and fulfilling relationship. 

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