Premarital LoveStory Coaching

Create Your Very Own Love Story Together

Congratulations! You are about to being a new and exciting chapter in your life that hopefully will bring you much fulfillment and happiness.

The unique love stories that you and your partner bring into your relationship shape your interactions, communication, conflict resolution, how you treat each other, your beliefs about your relationship, your goals, and dreams.

Do you want to

  • truly understand each other, and why you each feel and act the way you do?
  • minimize misunderstandings?
  • trust each other and communicate effectively?
  • increase your intimacy?
  • create shared values and aspirations?
  • create a basis for a life-long, stable, and thriving relationship that can weather life's ups and downs?

Premarital LoveStory coaching can help you get to know each other intimately, predict areas that may be the cause of conflict later, and address them ahead of time. You'll be able to map out your life together so that you have a vision for the future you both share, guiding you in daily interactions, when decisions need to be made, or when you encounter conflict.

The Premarital LoveStory Coaching Process

  1. A comprehensive assessment of your unique love stories, your strengths, and your challenges
  2. Get to know each other intimately, creating a basis for a shared life.
  3. Based on your love stories, goals, and aspirations, create your personal LoveStory Roadmap together. This story will guide your way for years to come. It will provide guidance and comfort in difficult as well as happy times.
  4. For the areas you've identified, take actionable steps so that your love stories are compatible and help you create the relationship you desire.
  5. Draw on customized, powerful evidence-based tools to support you in creating a thriving marriage that lasts a lifetime.

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