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Discover your unconscious relationship needs and never second-guess partner compatibility again


Find The One -- Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility

Is This You?

Have you ever asked yourself

  • Why do I keep picking the wrong partner time and time again?
  • Why do all my relationships fail sooner or later?
  • Why can’t I make my relationships work? Is something wrong with me?
  • What should I even look for in a partner when nothing I’ve tried so far has really worked?
  • Am I even with the right person?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re in the right place!


By the end of this course, you will

  • know what went right and wrong in the past
  • know your "shoulds" when it comes to relationships, and have gained the freedom to say yes or no
  • have created a vision for your future
  • have unearthed your hidden relationship needs that have been (or should be!) guiding your choices
  • have explored the "hidden chapters" of your love story, understanding the patterns that shape your partner choice and relationships
  • have developed a Personal Compatibility Roadmap, enabling you to confidently identify who's truly compatible with you

Studies with 60,000+ participants across 170 countries in 40+ languages show:

Your hidden relationship needs and love stories directly impact your relationship satisfaction.

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FIND THE ONE: Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility

will transform your life

See What Others Have to Say

I’ve been blessed to know Karin for many years. Her compassion to help and empower others is unique. She has the ability to look at a big picture situation and break it down so that it becomes manageable and easy to navigate. Her calm demeanor and professional approach are to be commended which creates balance and positivity for herself and those she works with. Karin is a light for others to learn from. ❤️

Brenda S.

Dr. Karin is a very caring and compassionate person. She listens carefully to everything I have to say and helps me analyze my thoughts and feelings with a great empathy. I really appreciate her guidance in my journey. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a kindhearted, intelligent and caring person who has a deep understanding of what works and does not work in romantic relationships.

Lenka S.

Dr. Karin helped me leave my “comfort zone” and try out something new in my life, which offered new and enriching perspectives for me. Without her I would not have had the courage to take such a sincere look at my personal situation and to discover what I really needed. I am, therefore, enormously grateful for Karin’s professional help - and her friendship. 

Kerstin B.

Dr. Karin is a caring, compassionate, and informative relationship coach. I like that her knowledge base is grounded in the latest research. She is very approachable and easy to talk with, and I highly recommend her!

Gloria W.

What's Inside

FIND THE ONE -- Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility

With FIND THE ONE, you get...

  • 4 Implementation Modules
  • A roadmap to discover your hidden relationship needs and love stories so you can confidently identify compatible partners and create a solid foundation for a thriving relationship
  • Strategies to uncover maladaptive relationship patterns, along with their origins, so you can create healthier relationships
  • Worksheets, practical exercises, real-life case studies, and more, designed to discover your unconscious needs and love stories and put to action right away what you’ve learned
  • A comprehensive plan for you to identify truly compatible partners and create a thriving relationship
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This is your chance to join


Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Karin Sternberg

By the end of 14 days, you’ll have gone through the first two of four modules of the course.

You’ll have identified expectations that lead you to the wrong partners and gained clarity about what really matters in creating a stable, thriving relationship.

You’ll also have gained a deep understanding of your unique needs and how to break free from relationship patterns that don’t serve you well.

If you don’t feel that the program helps you create a basis for understanding yourself as a partner and building better relationships, or if you simply feel the course is not right for you, let me know within two weeks of purchasing the course, and I’ll refund your investment.

Ready to bet on yourself and create the foundation for a happy future?

Still thinking about it?

If you think this sounds amazing, but you’re not 100% sure, keep reading…

You should give The One -- Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility a 14-day risk-free try if you’re motivated by any of the following:

crayons and heartYou’d like to be in a relationship again but you’re discouraged by past experiences

The One is designed to help you break free from the shadows of past disappointments. Even if your journey has been marked by discouragement, take heart in the fact that you, too, can create a flourishing relationship. The key lies in understanding your true needs and mastering the art of identifying a partner who’s truly compatible with you.

You’re not sure at this point what a partner who’s compatible with you would even look like

Many people have been in your shoes. The One is your personal compass, guiding you to discover the qualities that matter in a partner who is truly compatible with you

You’ve found yourself stuck in a cycle of struggling relationships without understanding why

This is a common challenge, but it doesn’t have to be your reality. We’ll uncover the reasons behind your struggles and you’ll gain clarity how you can break free from these patterns to create healthier, more fulfilling connections.

I can't wait to guide you over the next four weeks...

Dr. Karin SternbergAfter decades studying relationships and helping countless clients, I've seen firsthand how finding the right partner can transform your world.

But without the right tools, creating healthy, lasting love can feel impossible. You risk wasting years in mismatches and heartache.

My passion is empowering you to build the thriving relationships you deserve. That's why I created this comprehensive 4-week course distilling the most powerful compatibility insights into one life-changing program.

Your happiness  and fulfillment matter deeply to me. I know finding true compatibility can feel out of reach - but with the right guidance, it's closer than you realize.

For that reason, I am extremely excited to offer my very first digital course to you. It was created with YOU in mind.

Imagine how incredible you'll feel being deeply seen, valued and cherished by someone compatible. The joy of intimacy with the right person is life-changing.

Should you accept my invitation, I’ll be your guide for the next four weeks as you dive deep into your own stories and experiences to create a roadmap that will lead you to  relationship fulfillment and happiness.

I can’t wait to meet you, teach you, and cheer you on inside The One -- Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility.

All my best,

JOIN Find The One -- Your 4-Week Roadmap to True Compatibility Today

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