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The Network: Why Love Is Not Enough

When you enter a relationship, the first thing you think about, most likely, is whether you love your partner or whether you think you will fall in love with your partner.

That can keep you going for a while, sometimes, for quite a while.

And yet, there are so many things that can bring down a relationship, and love is only one of them.

One of the main things that can take down a relationship is a network.

All relationships are embedded in a network of people.  You already know this.

But sometimes, it is not your partner that takes down a relationship, and not you and not even the relationship itself, but the fit of the relationship to the network in which you are embedded.

It’s sometimes hard to keep a relationship going if those around you disapprove of the relationship, and if you care what they think.

This week, you have a chance to see how well your relationship is embedded into your network of relationships.

If your relationship is well embedded, it does not guarantee of course that the relationship will succeed, but it sure does help.

If your relationship is a misfit, you may still keep it going—but it’s going to be harder.

Find our where your relationship fits in and take our Network Quiz!

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