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Valentine’s Day: Shower Them with Love!

Valentine's Day is around the corner once again, yay! Remember the good old times, and how different things used to be?

Depending on where you live and what your personal circumstances are, you may not feel like taking your loved one out for a romantic dinner or to the movies.

I was lucky this year: Bob got me my favorite chocolates but they arrived two weeks early, so I already ate them.

Then he got me macarons but luckily they arrived early as well, so they're gone, too. We then decided it's enough Valentine's sweets or I am going to swell to the size of a balloon.

But I actually don't want to talk about chocolates and macarons today. I figure you don't need my input to order a box of chocolates. And if you're with someone who loves sweets as much as I do - by all means, go for it 🙂

The power of the unexpected

But now let's get serious. Think about a time when your partner made you really happy recently. What did they do?

I bet it actually wasn't that they bought you something (or maybe it was - an unexpected bouquet?). It most likely was an unexpected action or something they said.

Maybe you were really tired and they cleaned up the kitchen although that was your job.

Maybe they cleaned the snow off your car without your asking because they knew you had an early appointment.

Maybe it was an extra hug.

Or maybe it was something they said, expressing how they appreciate you.

And this is exactly what I am aiming at today. If you're still looking for something to treat your loved one with this Valentine's Day, how about a shower of love?

Because you know, when you're not newly involved with your partner, compliments often decrease substantially. Everyday life takes over, and we get to know the drawbacks of our partner and thus become more critical. (If you want to read more about why we stop complimenting our partners and how you can make them feel more appreciated, check out this article).

What you could do (and what I will do with Bob - I just have to hope he doesn't read this post or my surprise is gone) is to create  a collection of all those things you like about your partner.

Yes, a whole collection. Make a big list. (And, if this seems overwhelming, don't worry -- we've got you covered. Scroll down to download your personal cheat sheet).

But now back to the list:

  • What do you like about them?
  • What do they do that makes you happy?
  • Which traits of theirs do you like?
  • What happy memories do you have together that you think of frequently?
  • What are you looking forward to doing together once this whole Covid thing is finally over?

You get the idea.

Then you can think about the delivery. You can send little messages throughout the day by email, or you can text them.

How about a happy message every hour, or maybe even every half hour?

If they're taking lunch from home, put something in the lunch box.

Write a message with food coloring on their pancake.

Put a message under the blanket.

Tape an envelope with a coupon to the coffee machine.

Roll up a love letter and put it in their shoe...

If you're thinking that all sounds a little involved and laborsome (who can come up with that many ideas anyway?), we've created a cheat sheet for you. You can download it below.

Not only are you likely to make your partner happy, but there are some benefits involved for you as well: When you think positively about your partner, you'll feel happier yourself, and you might just begin to think about your relationship in a different way.

Have a very happy Valentine's Day ♥


P.S. Sometimes things aren't going well and Valentine's Day is something to dread, rather than look forward to. If that's you right now, we've got a special message for you here.

Get Your Valentine's Day Toolkit!

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